Grain Sorghum Product Guide


SH 59G4

The medium/early maturity hybrid produces a high density, high bushel weight red grain. It has high tolerance to drought and will produce outstanding yields under drylands or limited irrigated conditions.

The semi-open panicle has excellent exertion of 4-6 inches and is easy threshing. Leaf quality is very good and shows excellent resistance to abiotic stresses. Standability is very good because of a stiff stalk and its strong deep root system.

Grain shells well from the panicle during combine harvest. The hybrid works well for double crop in most areas, or as a late planted dryland or irrigated hybrid.

Anthracnose Rating: 4

SH 80G4

This medium maturity grain sorghum produces good yields with high test weight grain. This high yielding hybrid has red translucent seed making the field appearance very good.

Anthracnose Rating: 4

Sorghum Chart

SH 59G4 SH 80G4
Plant Characteristics
Grain Color Red Red T
Plant Color Purple Red
Standability 5 5
Plant Height 45-50in. 45-50in.
Panicle Type SO SC
Panicle Exertion 5 4
Threshability 5 4
Grain Color Planted Red Red T
Days to 50% Anthesis 59-62 75-80
Harvested Grain Tannin No No
Pre-Flower Stress Tolerance 5 5
Irrigated Tons/Ac 2-4 5
Disease & Pest Reaction
Head Smut  5  5
Fusarium  5  5
MDMV  5  5
Downy Mildew  5  5
Green bug Resistance  C & E  C & E

A standard 5 point rating system is used unless otherwise indicated. Ratings are based on comparison with other MMR products of like maturity.
Rating Scale: 1 = Poor to 5 = Excellent
** Agronomic data are insufficient to make a rating at this time

The information and recommendations contained on this page are provided for comparison purposes only and are not guarantees of results, results may vary. This information is provided to assist in the selection of hybrids that will best suit your needs. No warranties either expresses or implied are intended with this information.

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