Forage Sorghum Product Guide


SH 905

  • Tall plant with strong stalk for good standability.
  • High grain to stover ratio for increaseD digestibility.
  • Wide leaves produce a dark, dense canopy, for superior weed suppression and moisture conservation.

This hybrid produces a very high grain yield of strong sturdy stems 6 to 8 feet tall. Its high grain stover ratio significantly increases digestible dry matter produced per unit area as silage. The high protein content and total digestible nutrients make this a perfect forage for feedlot or dairy.


  • Brown Midrib Silage Sorghum Hybrid.
  • High grain yield potential.
  • Intermediate tall plants with strong stem.
  • Good stand ability and lodging resistance.
  • Wide long leaves poised closely producing a dark, dense, canopy for high leaf-stem ratio.
  • Excellent tillering capacity and near simultaneous flowering of main and till panicles (good for harvesting at hard-dough stage silage).
  • High green leaf retention.
  • Large leaf number/excellent tillering/high grain yield + brown midrib = Outstanding Silage.

This hybrid is similar to SH 905F to which the brown midrib trait has been added. Its high grain yield of 5000+ lbs/ac on strong sturdy stems of 6 to 8 feet in height makes the hybrid an outstanding silage performer. Because the hybrid has such a high grain/stover ratio animal performance is excellent in both the feedlot and dairy. The protein content and total digestible dry matter makes this a near perfect silage product.

Sorghum Chart

SH 905 SH 905F
Yes Yes
Harvest Mode H/S H/G/S
Irrigated Tons/Ac 20-25 18-23
Planting Information
Approx. Seeds/Lb 15.500 17,000
Lbs/Ac Dryland Row 5-8 5-15
Lbs/Ac Dryland Broadcast 15-20
Lbs/Ac Irrigated Row 8-12 10-15
Lbs/Ac Irrigated Broadcast 35-40

A standard 5 point rating system is used unless otherwise indicated. Ratings are based on comparison with other MMR products of like maturity.
Rating Scale: 1 = Poor to 5 = Excellent
** Agronomic data are insufficient to make a rating at this time

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